Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Why I Prefer Shareware and Freeware Over Big Business Software

Bigger software companies have more resources to develop than the smaller companies. However they are more concerned with advertisements and gaining more of the market share to take back there investments of developing software.

To make matters worse now many of the software companies have inflated there packages so much that they actually are causing many computers around the world to fail, run slow, and cause more problems then they solve.

For every piece of over inflated software with the exception of the biggest problem software (Windows) I can show you a nearly equal if not better free or shareware software package. There are not many exceptions to that rule. I say that Windows does not have a better freeware version because Linux has not grown up enough yet. Although they are so close.

Overall the recent practices of some of the larger corporation software companies in a way could be interpreted as criminal. You combine that with the poor support they most often offer and most end customers are screwed.

I will say one server software that is hard to beat. Windows 2003 Server is frankly still an awesome package. To bad the regular operating platform of XP or Vista cannot be that good.