Friday, January 16, 2009

Holy Frak BSG 4.5 Possible Spoilers, do not read if you haven't watched.

Holy Fark BSG 4.5 Possible Spoilers, do not read if you haven't watched.

Forgive me I am relocating several of my blogs, so I posted this an the easiest accessible place. Today this happened to be my technical blog. This section of the season is off to a great start. First of all let me say many people are unraveling at the seams seeing the collapse of their dream.

However I cannot say I am not disappointed with some of the revelations so far.

- The 13th colony were Cylons!

- Starbuck found her own dead body!

- Dualla kills herself after having a nice evening.

- Three of the final four remember living on earth

First of all it would be easy to assume Starbuck was a Cylon. I have a feeling her destiny is much more complex than that. Dualla had a great evening with Lee and was humming by her locker smiling one minute, and then she blows her head off. To me, it seemed like a switch went off in her head. Leaving one to think, if she was one of the final five, would there be some resurrection. From what I can tell, Tyrol remembered being a Cylon as the blast came, and he died. Obviously he was resurrected. As Anders said, "How are we alive?"

With the hope of the fleet falling apart, the central characters everyone is relying on are coming apart at the seams. There was a nod to the friendship shared by Captain Adama and Saul Tigh.

By the end of this episode Deanna has decided she has had enough of the rat race. An the ending, Omg the ending reveals two of the best items yet.

Ellen Tigh is the fifth of the final five Cylons.

An obviously now we know they can be reborn and resurrected.