Wednesday, October 10, 2007

What to watch out when looking for a Computer Support Company

Choosing a technical support company to maintain your company needs can be a difficult task. It is no doubt to me that plenty of companies will be lining up saying they can meet your needs. However this is not always a good thing.

To many support companies are started by technicians who are very technically inclined, when it comes to their business however they fall short. What this can cause for your company is chaotic and unreliable technical service. Sometimes the job will get done correctly and other times your company is left wanting.

Recently a new breed of computer companies have opened for business. These companies are ran by a qualified sales person, they also are competent at running a business. However outside of an adolescent understanding of computers they hire contractors to troubleshoot your technical service needs. In this scenario, your often billed much more than the technicians themselves are making. This may or may not work out, however you can be sure that this still is not meeting your needs in an accurate way.

Here are some tips when finding a computer service company that will work best for your needs!

  • Research there company name, talk to past customers, find out who performs the work, who manages the project, do they have a good name.
  • Don't be afraid to ask them to justify there costs. Any company who is not comfortable telling you why your paying X amount of dollars an hour is probably taking you for a ride.
  • Ask questions about what they are doing and why. Again make them justify how many hours they are charging you an why.
  • Every state has a Secretary of State Office that lists business's. It will report if they are incorporated, and in good standing.
  • Every State has a Better Business Bureau. They also will collect information about companies.
  • The Chamber of Commerce is also another good resource when finding a good computer support company or obtaining information.
Finding a support company may be a marriage of sorts between your company and theirs. Rather then letting them take you for granted, always educate yourself as much as you can.

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