Thursday, October 11, 2007

Why Is My Computer Running So Slow!

I am sure that you have asked yourself this question many times. Many inept technicians may immediately point to memory, or processor speed. Both of these are definitely reasons your computer MAY be running slowly. However there are much more relevant reasons your computer may be running slow. In fact after reading this article and applying some of the techniques I describe, you may bring new life to your computer even an older, slower machine. Below is Part 1 of a three part Blog on what you can do to speed up your computer.

In our present day and age the software business is huge. There is a meaningless competition that many software companies like to use to ensure that their software is always on your mind. It seems like in this day, every software package you have loaded on your computer wants to load when your computer starts. This can cause even a newer computer to run slow.

This creates a complex problem for a consumer. The majority of computer users are not techno-geeks like myself. In order to speed up your machines, normally you might hire a technician and pay a large amount of money to gain the speed you should have had when you bought the machine.

The worst part is that there are genuinely only a handful of startup programs that have to be there. Printer programs are usually picky and have to start when your computer starts. Anti-virus programs would have to start when your computer does. In addition you might add any security related program would need to start when your computer starts.(although I do not recommend most of these) Lastly Adobe writer requires a program that starts when your computer starts.

Since most of you use Windows XP and possibly Vista, I will directly be referring to these operating systems. Both XP and Vista also start "Services" along with your computer. Many are Windows related however software designers also have found a way to add there own "Services " when your computer starts. These "Services" are in addition to your startup programs. What I think absolutely stinks is many software designers add both "Services" and Startup Programs. What this causes after many programs and a short time is a cluster.

Realistically your computer only has so much memory to start with. If 1/2 of it is used upon your computer starting how fast will your machine run?? Most of you will never believe me when I tell you this, in a normal computing environment of an everyday user 512 megabytes of memory is sufficient to run Windows XP. Save for maybe gaming activities, and higher computing functions. However most users I service to clean there computers that are running too slow are pushing over 1 gig of memory and there systems are taxed.

For many tips and tricks to improving your overall computer speed, your internet browsing and your general computer use; Please wait tomorrow for Part 2 of the Why Is My Computer Running So Slow! series.

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